Sisters in der Schweiz

IMG_1132I recently read that planning and anticipating a trip can provide more satisfaction than the trip itself. Before the trip occurs there are no disappointments that a highly anticipated meal turned out to actually be quite bland or that a beach everyone was hoping to lounge at is suddenly closed for a massive clean up. No one has snapped at anyone (yet) and the haunting feeling that your inbox is reaching maximum capacity hasn’t slowly started to ruin your vacation. It’s a compelling argument for the power of our imagination and expectations.

Thankfully, blessedly, now that my sister and brother-in-law are blissfully traipsing through Paris on their own for the remainder of the week, I can safely say that our few days in Switzerland and the week we spent in Greece both lived up to and exceeded all our expectations. It was, in short, one of the best vacations of my life.

My sister and I are wildly close despite differing personalities and such concentrated time together does wonders for our soul, especially since we live so far away from one another. That’s not to say every moment was perfect, because of course it wasn’t. We’re sisters so we bicker and poke fun and get mildly annoyed and then move on. It’s what we do. But, getting to sing songs (that we made up, or chose to sing atonally for the benefit of no one but ourselves) and shriek in laughter and share what’s new and just take in stunning sunsets and plenty of beers comprised most of the time we spent together, and like I said, it was good for my heart.


As was getting to spend time with Courtney and Jared as a couple and as individuals. I loved getting to know them more and getting to share what our day-to-day looks like around here. I remember when we first moved here I defined so many places in terms of whether or not I would want to share them with my family and it was fun to finally be able to do that, almost a year later.

Below is the beginning of what will be a week of massive photo dumps. There are so. many. pictures from the past ten days and I hope you enjoy getting a little idea of the shenanigans that went on around these parts. I won’t share everything with you because I’m a lady and because I understand that sharing a million pictures of us all laughing at an inside joke just doesn’t translate well, but here are at least a few fun moments from our time in Switzerland. More on Greece to come later!


A hike un the Gurten was the perfect way for these kids to snap out of jet lag (and nearly crippling allergies).

















IMG_3717^^poppin bottles, as usual







IMG_3755^^back in Lucerne with the swans!

On Friday Courtney, Jared and I spent the day in Lucerne. This is the third time I’ve been to the charming, idyllic city, but honestly, it never gets old. I saw a lot of familiar sites but also had a chance to do something new, explore the old city wall. It was fun to be able to show them the places I saw with Mom and Dad, as well as enjoy some quiet time by the river with our books and couple of beers.












IMG_1123^^they’re pretty much always holding hands ::swoon::

IMG_1132^^Friday night dinner at Klosterli Wine Cafe–one of my favorite meals in Bern (get the tartare and entrecôte). We had an amazing meal on their patio (not on someone’s roof, as it looks) to celebrate the start of everyone’s vacation.







Saturday was for brunching, riding bikes, beers and bocce ball at the Rosengarten. We had a few tasty brews at Barbière, our favorite neighborhood spot, and then relaxed at the park for the remainder of the afternoon. We had dinner at Lötschberg, a fun place for traditional Swiss food in a non-stuffy atmosphere. We furiously packed for our early flight the next day and closed the night with about an hour and a half of Jimmy Fallon clips on YouTube. The stuff that dreams are made of, as far as we’re concerned.



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