A Great Documentary

Do you like documentaries? We love them, though I think it’s hard to find high quality, relatively unbiased ones. They are few and far between, no? A few of my favorites are:

Last night I watched another great documentary and I think you might like it, too. Twenty Feet From Stardom features the most famous backup singers you’ve never heard of. I loved putting a face to voices I’ve heard nearly my entire life and learn what it was like to be so close to the spotlight yet so far away, in terms of fame and notability. Obviously, the music was great, and overall I thought it was cleverly arranged and organized. You can find it on Netflix and iTunes. Here’s the trailer:


I also really want to see the Roger Ebert documentary, LIfe Itself, that comes to the theaters in early July. He was a prolific writer and one of the world’s most persuasive critic. I think it looks fascinating!


Have you seen any of these? Any documentaries you really liked? Please share–you know I love suggestions   : )


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