Happy Anniversary!


Alternative title: Best Day Ever

Adam and I are celebrating one year of marriage today and all I can think about is how everyone talks about “the first year of marriage” and how it’s completely different from all the other years. You’re in a honeymoon phase; everything’s easier because you’re so in love; everything’s harder because you still don’t have a firm grasp on your rhythms as a married couple; you’re so blissed out you can hardly remember anything–I hope you took pictures.

It’s a lot to digest. Of course, it’s impossible to have a rich perspective until you are removed, both in time and circustance, which almost makes reflection at this point moot. All I will say about our first year of marriage is that it has been the best year of my life. There were a lot of highs and a lot of lows, but experiencing them all with Adam has been intensely rewarding.

P1080736The story is now familiar to a lot of you, but just in case you’re new here, here’s a quick recap: Adam accepted a job offer late in May, about a week after he proposed in Zurich. That gave us just enough time to move everything from Charleston back to Kansas and get married somewhere in between. In South Carolina, the turnaround time between obtaining a marriage license, getting married and getting official copies of your marriage license is a lot speedier than it is in Kansas, a fact which ultimately fueled our decision to get married in my friend’s backyard in Charleston. We needed that official certificate of marriage so that I could get a residence permit to live here with Adam.

We decided on Friday, June 21st that we would get married the following Tuesday. Adam went to work that day and came home around 5:00 and we got ready together before having a 6:30 ceremony. In a lot of ways it was perfect because it was so mellow and just about us. In other significant ways, it was a little sad because our family and close friends weren’t there. But, ultimately, it really was the best day ever.










P1080765^^I love little Olive’s face in this photo. “Um, guys, what are you doing?!”









I swear to you I have never had a better hair day in my life. 

After the ceremony and champagne and snacks that will definitely be better than the buffet we are having at our second wedding, Adam and I went to The Ordinary for a feast that I paid for out of change I had saved for almost a year and a half. For Christmas a couple years ago, my mom gave me an electronic piggy bank (big money!) and I had been saving with no particular goal in mind, but once I knew we were getting married, our first meal as man and wife seemed like a fitting expense.

Adam, you’re my absolute favorite and I love you like a crazy person. Our first wedding was complete dynamite, and can’t wait to have our second in just two months!

7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. 1. I just started tearing up at my desk. #PROFESSIONAL
    2. I LOLed at your hair day comment. #notsorrycoworkers
    3. MISS YOU. Can’t wait for August to macht a bigger party with you!

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