A Relaxing Weekend

foxyI’m feeling pretty derpy, much like this fox. It hasn’t stopped raining since Sunday afternoon and we are going stir. crazy. It’s not just the rain, but also the cold. Yesterday, it was so chilly I could see my breath while I was out on a much-needed run (isn’t running in the rain kinda fun? until it’s not?). I guess I thought it was July or something…

Complaining about the weather is something the Swiss just don’t do. The weather is there, it’s doing what it’s doing and we’re all experiencing it so why talk about it? It’s frustrating because weather is one of those fail-safe topics you can always rely on when you’re, say, sitting next to your neighbor on the bus and want to talk about something in German and you really only know “Es regnet. Es kalt.” (It’s raining. It’s cold.) My sweet neighbor indulged me but it’s mostly because I sound like a small child. I’ll take the small victory. So, in the Swiss vein I will really try to refrain from complaining about the weather. It’s there. It’s going to do it’s thing and our job is to ride it out. Upward and onward!

What are you doing this weekend? Adam and I are going to see this movie tonight, because we just can’t watch one more movie at home this week. Tomorrow I might try to visit the hammam for some detox and relaxation, and I have a feeling Sunday will be devoted to wedding and honeymoon planning. All will involve hunkering down in our sweats and jammies–I suppose it is kinda fun to get cozy in the middle of July. I hope you have a relaxing weekend, and below you will find a few fun links if you find yourself trapped at home as well.

Speaking of movies, do you think you’ll see this one? It looks so creepy! (Did you read the book?)

What if We All Flopped Like Soccer Players? It’s my favorite part of watching the World Cup!

Do you name objects around your house? My sister has always named her car and I never really got it. Until now. 

Privacy from yourself. Introverts, I think you will like this. Reminds me of this funny meme : )

Miracle dress.

This salad looks delicious. Hold the red onion.

20 great books for the beach.

This t-shirt made me laugh.

Two of my new favorite websites for gifts: here and here.

This book looks great. Add it to the list!

A very cool series about motherhood around the world.

Why are urban legends so popular?

Have you ever been to Alaska? It looks incredible and not for the faint of heart.

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2 thoughts on “A Relaxing Weekend

  1. Dang it with you turning me on to Gone Girl, I just bought it on kindle.

    I like the Pluto t-shirt as well, gave me a chuckle, almost as much as the Soccer foul video.

    Have a good weekend, love you guys.

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