A Personal Favorite: Eight Hour Cream

eaA couple weeks ago I was blessed with a particular aggressive smattering a zits that were so large they gave me a limp. It was traumatic and unpleasant but I’m a survivor so I got over it. Not without the help of a couple secret agents, though.

My aunt told me about Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream a long time ago but I’ve only recently been reaching for it to work as a cure-all salve. While technically a balm, Elizabeth Arden’s wündercreme really is as miraculous as my aunt suggested it was years back. It can be used to soothe minor scraps and burns, moisturize extra-dry lips or skin, or, as I’ve discovered, repair skin that’s been damaged by outrageous pimples.

It’s a pretty genius balm that I can’t recommend enough for its healing properties and refreshing citronella scent (though you can also buy it unscented). It works perfectly in tandem with another favorite purchase:


When I was suffering from the previously mentioned break-out I went into the pharmacy for help. I asked the salesgirl for help, saying, “I need a cream or tonic for a bad pimple,” and she replied in all seriousness, “Yes, I can see that.” Ouch.

She recommended this Clarins Blemish Control and I love it! It just rolls on any “problem areas” and dries pretty quickly. It cleared up my issues almost overnight without drying out the skin, which I really appreciate.

Just thought I’d pass along a couple tips! If you’ve got any other tricks or products up your sleeve, do tell.


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