Introducing: BRIKA

I Got This


Storage Bin



Have you ever heard of BRIKA? It’s a company founded by two women in Toronto, Canada, and focuses featuring crafts and well-designed pieces from authentic artisans, makers and designers. Their regularly rotating stock is inspiring and thoughtful, full of treasures and gifts for everyone in your life, including yourself.

I only recently learned about them but I’m already enchanted by their beautiful offerings and commitment to the small craftsman. Each time I’ve visited their site I see something new, but I also find that a few of my favorite items are already sold out–things move quickly there!

Olive Square Messenger


Light Gray Leather Bracelet


Hexagon cards


You’ll find gifts, including pre-packaged gift boxes, as well as accessories, items for the home and office and art prints. Jewelry, kids items, stationery, bath and body products and small keepsakes make it a well-rounded collection.

I may have picked up a little something for a special someone in my life, and I’m honestly considering getting some early Christmas shopping done. It’s never too early, right?!

Welcome Baby Box


Feather Leggings


Max Raccoon

If you’re itching for a little Christmas in July, or just in need of a few items for friends or yourself, I highly recommend visiting BRIKA’s website. Comparisons are the thief of joy, but if I were to make one I would say that BRIKA is sort of like a more carefully curated Etsy with a much smaller selection and higher overall quality. I like learning more about the people behind the items and what inspires them.

Happy shopping!

Art print // Storage bin // Messenger bag // Leather bracelet // Hexagon Cards // Welcome baby box // Feather leggings // Max Raccoon

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