Let’s Chill on Friday

beach girl

Well, our weekend will have nothing to do with the beach or sand or surf, but it is so fun to imagine, right?

What are you up to this weekend? Our friend Phil will be in town with us before heading back stateside on Monday. We’re looking forward to showing him around Bern and hopefully taking a hike on Sunday. I honestly can’t believe this is the last full weekend of July, but I’ll spare you the melodramatic Where has the time gone? diatribe. It’s a lot more fun to focus on the good and the happy parts of this weekend, namely that we’ll be celebrating one full year in Switzerland. What excitement!

I hope you have a fun weekend full of summer exploits. If you find yourself inside with a prickly sunburn, here are a few fun links from around the web:

Crazy-easy dill pickles for burgers, sandwiches, barbecue and snacking.

The five best canned beers for summer. Charleston, represent!

Ode to the Classic Bistro. Let’s all go to Paris soon, OK?

Clever place cards for your next dinner party.

Anyone else want to see this movie? I know the director has always remained in a swirl of controversy, but his movies, man, they’re great.

18 essentials for a Modern Rustic Home. Lusting after that Agency chair…

Witty dog.

A pretty dress for summer weddings.

Two groovy tunes for your weekend: Part 1 and Part 2

Whale riding. I would simultaneously be thrilled and terrified.

Why do we love to quote movies and TV shows? My sister and I are guilty of having entire conversations out of movie quotes. It’s…charming.

An easy pasta that I loved.


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