A Fitness Tip: Tracy Anderson

walk is over

This is pretty much how I feel today after doing Tracy Anderson’s Precision Toning exercise DVD yesterday. My muscles are still shaking with exhaustion and lifting my arms for extended periods of time is testing all kinds of strength. Typing this, I look like a T-Rex.

In the vain hopes of tightening, toning, lifting and sculpting everything before the wedding I bought two new workout DVDs. It’s not usually the way I like to exercise, but since I no longer belong to a gym I’ve found I need new ways to vary my workout. I started the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD about 4 weeks ago and did it 3-4 times a week in between running and walking. It was tough–it IS tough–but I have found that over the last month I’m getting almost too good at it and I’m ready for something new.

To be honest, it’s a good place to start if you’re already pretty fit and have good body awareness. She doesn’t do a lot of cuing or explaining and you really need to do it a few times before you’re comfortable with what’s going on. I also think it’s important that you know your body and how to perfect your alignment because she doesn’t offer much in the way of modification or explanation. It can easily become frustrating if you’re looking for a little more guidance.

Where she shows no mercy is in the special arm workouts she developed to create “teeny tiny ballet arms” with “beautiful definition and long lines.” That work is tough, and I can see a difference in the definition of my upper arms and shoulders. The Ab workout is also terrific and I can even see some improvement there. Beach bod, here I come.

Although, I might be limping my way there after doing the Precision Toning DVD. I’m so sore after completing it, but in a very good way. It sort of feels like how it felt to be a kid, completely worn out from activity and exertion. It’s wonderful in a way.

I would say that the arms section isn’t as hard as it is in the Mat Workout DVD, but she crushes it in the legs, back/butt and Abs sections. If one were to actually do this video every day like she recommends, one might find one’s rear end about mid-back based on how much lifting and pulsing there is. It’s intense! One reviewer commented that she saw quicker results with this program as opposed to the other one so it will be interesting to compare the two after trying the PT video for a couple weeks.

Of course, Tracy Anderson is the darling of the celebrity fitness world and a household name to some, but this is the first time I’ve really learned about her Metamorphosis program and the look she is after. So far I’m pleased with the results and the workouts themselves, but I can’t imagine myself only doing these routines for extended periods of time. Personally, I have it enjoyed it as a little boost when I really want to look and feel my best, i.e., for the wedding and honeymoon. Tracy’s there to kick your own butt when you just don’t have the energy to.

I’d recommend them if you’re looking for something transformative, but I should note that they take some time not only to get used to but actually to get through. They are a full hour long, though the time goes by relatively quickly.

Have you tried any Tracy Anderson videos? Any thoughts?


THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT: I am not a fitness expert and I make no claims to be one. Exercise is a hobby and big interest of mine. I have never been certified as a personal trainer and only have certifications for yoga through YogaFit. Please consult a trained professional before beginning a new fitness program. Thank you!

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