It’s (going to be) Good to Be Home



Adam came home with this sweet “just because” gift yesterday and I can’t wait to find a place for it in the apartment. Cheeky, almost cheesy, gifts are my favorite.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re en route to Charleston and couldn’t be more excited. I could probably fuel the plane on enthusiasm alone, but I would prefer to sit comfortably in my sit with my new book. We’re finally going to get a real taste of summer with warm temperatures and sunny days. I’m sure I’ll be drunk on friendship for the next ten days so you probably won’t see much action on this space. But, I’ll leave you with a few links to get you through the weekend. Feel free to check out the archives. There’s about three and half years worth of material in there…

A cool song for your weekend. I’m obsessed with this band, both their EP and full album…

41 Rules for How to Be a Good Dinner Guest. Love these tips : )

Looking at your closet and seeing fall inspiration. Say it isn’t so!

When to say goodbye at a party and when to GHOST.

A very sassy list of things not to do as a New Yorker who is visiting LA.

These shoes are really growing on me. Does anyone have them? Thoughts?

Me every. single. day.

8 great rosés for these dog days of summer

Pasta al Limone

Made me laugh. Hard.

Amazon using “Newspeak.” A fascinating short piece about the struggle between what readers want and what writers need. So timely, considering I just read the book

Learning to lose someone is the hardest lesson of all. Rest in peace, Genie.


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