It’s Bali Time

hanging gardens, ubud

We’re off to Bali tomorrow and I’m at a loss to describe my full enthusiasm for this prospect. I haven’t taken a vacation this long since I went to Thailand three years ago and I am looking forward to a long break immensely. We’ve done some research and have a few ideas mapped out of what we’d like to do, but the program mostly consists of showing up and figuring it out. We’re looking forward to being on island time if you can’t tell.

We’re also looking forward to unplugging in our own way. Computers will stay at home, but we are bringing an iPad and our iPhones, so expect the errant Instagram shot, but I’m sorry to say this space will remain stagnant for the next two and a half weeks. I had hopes of preparing posts in advance but a project landed in my lap that deserved my attention, and more accurately, I just didn’t get around to it. I hope you understand.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re going out for pizza and defrosting our fridge tonight (obvious honeymooners here) and packing tomorrow before our late-night flight. I hope that you get up to something wonderful this weekend and start indulging in all those exciting fall pastimes. We won’t be back until the end of September so fall will be in full swing! Pumpkin soup, here I come!

In case you’re looking for a few distractions, here are a few links I found around the web. Bis dann!

A cool song that I’ve been listening to nonstop (really, just go for the whole album)

New slim boyfriend jeans I’ve been wearing nonstop

Also, a tutorial on how to distress denim yourself

A cozy sweater to go with my new boyfriend jeans. I’m obsessed.

Comforting soup. It really must almost be fall!

Kinda gross, but still true

How to set up your home bar cart

Turn your favorite character into a mural–what a cool idea for a kid’s room!

How to use essential oils. I’d love to try the peppermint for energy boosts : )

A list of books for the honeymoon:

Made me laugh

A sweet sleepy chick

Incredible sand art. Like crop circles, but way cooler

A beautiful elopement. Mega swoon.

Bill Hader, funny guy. We should all see this movie. 

Stunning photos of Amazon warriors fighting for their trees.

And lastly…

(image of the Hanging Gardens in Ubud–the first leg of our journey–via)


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