Back from Bali



IMG_1730Oh, my, it feels good to be back.

Bali was wonderful and beautiful and surprisingly, and happily, different than I expected. In Ubud we had our fill of “urban” exploration. It’s a dense town full of shops, restaurants, temples, yoga studios, craft shops and more. Uluwatu was a surfer’s paradise and though we didn’t hang ten at any point it was fun to soak in the laid back vibe. Sanur was divine. Absolutely, out of control divine. Luxury and decadence through and through, but that’s mostly due to where we stayed and what we did (basically nothing but read and get massages).









I’ve included a few iPhone photos here just to give a small glimpse into what our last two weeks looked like, but I hope to share more pictures with you once I go through my camera and pull out a few gems. I won’t be posting at length about our trip like I usually do, but I definitely will share the highlights. Bali is too beautiful not to.






















We loved our honeymoon. It was well worth the year-long wait. It was exciting to tell people we were on our honeymoon and see them light up with excitement, offer their congratulations and maybe even remark on their own honeymoon. It’s fun to feel celebrated by others.

It’s crazy to think that events that have been in various stages of planning since last May are already over. The wedding is over, as is the honeymoon, and now what do we do? It’s certainly a bittersweet feeling as I’m happy to no longer be planning and answering emails but am saddened to think that the hoopla has passed.

To help soften the blow we planned a few fun activities for October that would keep us busy and excited about fall. Do you ever do this? It made coming back a lot easier, as did the realization that I would be able to brush my teeth with tap water again : )

I recently heard that this time of year is often referred to as the shoulder season: a time when airfare and accommodations are typically cheaper and crowds are usually thinner. We found this to be the case (somewhat; we still flew across the world and had to find accommodation for two weeks…) and enjoyed traveling with less fellow tourists. Are you planning any trips during the shoulder season? Where are you going? If you’re staying home, where is one place you would love to go if time, money and planning weren’t considerations? I love playing the fantasy travel game. I have a great longing to just be at home right now, but if pressed, I would choose Barcelona. I’m dying to get my hands on some authentic tapas!


One thought on “Back from Bali

  1. Kristina-so glad you all are back!!sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!Now we have Erin to kinda worry about-I shouldn’t say that—-normal for grandma’s to worry a little?????We will enjoy the pictures-what a place !! Love you Grandma

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