Hike Up Mount Pilatus



Last weekend Adam, Phil and I hiked halfway up Pilatus, a beautiful mountain that sits on Lake Lucerne. With fall weekends being so unpredictable it seemed silly not to take advantage of the ideal weather we’ve been having lately.

Adam and Phil had a pretty idea where we were going. The plan was to start at Hergiswil, one of the base towns, hike about halfway up and then take the cogwheel train (the steepest in the world!) and cable car to the top. We settled on an easier route, two mountain men out of a total four, one that would take us about 3 hours to complete.




I shudder to think of what a level three, or even four!, would be because this route was tough. It was very steep, and though not dangerous by any means, it had us all panting and seeking a shady spot in which to recover. In short, it exceeded our fitness expectations but turned out to be a wonderful climb with beautiful views (once the fog burned off).













After three hours traveling through various pastures, woods and barely marked paths we saw an Alpine restaurant in the distance, convinced we had made it to our destination. Upon closer investigation it turned out to be about 45 minutes away from where we were headed, but ended up as our final stop anyway. What we didn’t know before we set off is that the cable car from Fräkmüntegg to the Pilatus Kulm is closed until next spring. They are in the midst of building an incredible new cable way and we won’t have a chance to experience it until April 2015.






Given how tired we were, we were content grabbing lunch at Alpgschwänd and taking in the views. Making it above the cloud line before lunch is not a bad feat.




What are you up to this weekend? The weather looks beautiful tomorrow so we’re thinking about taking a day trip to a nearby city or maybe even trying another hike. Fall can be very unpredictable around here so we’re taking advantage of the favorable conditions.

Also, does anyone participate in the New York Times wine school? Last month was Chianti Classico (we’re a bit behind on our homework) and I’m hoping to pair our bottle with lamb and a wild mushroom risotto. Sounds like dinner this weekend has been organized…


2 thoughts on “Hike Up Mount Pilatus

    • I thought the same thing at the top: totally worth the effort of getting up extra early and hauling up the side of a mountain. It’s just a matter of taking the first steps to get there… : )

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