Thank Goodness It’s You, Friday

knock knock

I don’t say it often but TGIF, y’all. It has been a loooong week and I couldn’t be more grateful to see this weekend appear. I started intensive German classes on Monday and while I feel like I’m in the right class at the right level it has been exhausting to get back into the groove of learning this language.

I have two teachers, one who comes Monday through Wednesday and another who comes on Thursday and Friday. The first teacher, Nadja, is so sweet and nice and encouraging.  She’s half Swiss, half Italian and all smiles and giggles. She even trills out a few notes before she says basically anything and buys chocolate for us during our break. I’m assuming she moonlights as a kindergarten teacher. Then Hanna brings the hammer down on Thursday and Friday. She’s German and completely unimpressed with the way things generally work here in Switzerland: everything is expensive, there’s no culture and the air is dry. She’s a bit rough around the edges but she means business, and when we’re in her charge we get things done. We’re pushed to try and make mistakes, get corrected and try again. It’s a tough-love approach but that’s when the real work happens.

Besides the language classes I had a few other engagements this week that left me drained. I babysat on Monday and Wednesday for about six hours for very cute little dudes, but I came home each night thanking my stars that I’m not a parent yet. There’s so much to think about. And so many little pieces to keep track of. Parents, how do you do it?

What are you up to this weekend? We’re having dinner with another couple tonight and then going to Zurich to help Phil assemble Ikea furniture. Now that will be relaxing ; )

Whatever you get up to I hope it’s lovely and relaxing. Here are a few links from around the web in case you find yourself getting cuddly under a warm blanket or cocooning in your new favorite sweatshirt:

A song for the weekend

How to care for your sweaters

Your life on Earth. I’ve gone 16,389,456,858 miles around the sun, a coast redwood has grown 34’9″ in my lifetime and the population has increased by 2,290,407,609 people. Zoinks!

I love puns. The Daniel Radcliffe one might be my favorite (Thanks, Erin!)

New dessert cookbooks. These would make a lovely hostess gift or holiday present!

20 warming soups for fall

Top U.S. meat cities. Obviously, Kansas City is way up there

In order to (slowly) curate a more intentional wardrobe with pieces that last, I invested in a couple new pairs of jeans. This pair and this pair are complete game-changers. As one reviewer put it, “they make you look good coming and going” (p.s. they’re on sale through Sunday!)

Champagne is this month’s pick for Wine School. What will you pair it with?

An open letter from Sufjan Stevens to Miley Cyrus. Grammar friends, you will like this.

Made me laugh

Swimming with icebergs

Text messages when you’re dating vs. when you’re married


(perfect image via; BBC link via kottke; The Atlantic link via Hither & Thither)

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