IMG_1778You may have completely forgotten that I had one last section of Bali photos to share with you. I nearly forgot myself, but here they are nonetheless.

If you read the Uluwatu part of our journey then you may remember that I was feeling under the weather for a good five days in the middle of our two-week trip. Bali belly, as it’s fondly referred to, kept me pretty well confined to hotels for a few days, but this proved to not be the hardship we had assumed it would be. While in Sanur, we stayed at Regent Bali Hotel, which is soon to become Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali in December of this year. It was the major splurge of our trip and it was so, so worth it.

Of course we hadn’t been roughing it by any means but to give you an idea of what it was like we stayed in a room called the Deluxe Spa Suite with Ocean View. The suite had an incredible outdoor space with a gorgeous view and it had an anteroom that was solely used for the massage that we got every singe day. It’s entire square footage was lager than our apartment. Our stay there was complete luxury and it is the nicest place I’ve ever stayed. Even now with the trip being in our very recent past, I still think back to that week there as one of the most relaxing of my life.







It’s a little embarrassing that so many of our pictures are of the hotel or the hotel grounds, but honestly, we hardly left. It was just so beautiful and comfortable and easy that it felt wrong not to enjoy all the luxurious touches of the resort. In addition, while Sanur is Bali’s original tourist holiday destination, it’s quite a sleepy town with few activities or attractions. One can easily walk through the town in only a short amount of time and I’m afraid to say there’s not much to photograph as it’s heavily touristed. I would never deter you from going there, but do know that you’ll want to spend most of your time looking over the water so plan your lodging accordingly.




IMG_1508Most days we laid by the pool and read. It was heavenly. After breakfast we would grab a couple of loungers and hunker down for the day until it was time to get our daily massage. Before leaving on the trip we thought that perhaps getting a spa treatment every day would be a bit too indulgent, but no. It’s not. It’s exactly what you should do on your honeymoon.

What amused us most about our stay at the resort was refreshment service. Every time you moved to a new part of the hotel (be it the spa, the pool, one of the restaurants, really anywhere) you were given a cool glass of water and a chilled, scented towel. They must have told the staff that Westerners simply can’t handle the heat and humidity of the tropics and must be hydrated regularly! It was so funny, yet much appreciated.







One day we took a cooking class that was thoughtfully organized by Adam’s work. I was feeling a bit more myself so I was happy to get to participate and learn more about Balinese cooking. Sampling was obviously the best part.






On another afternoon we rented a little sea kayak and paddled around for about an hour. The current was a little stronger than I would have liked (I might have been more interested in a catamaran experience 😉 but it was nice to get out on the water. We tipped over only once but all was well given that it was about 3 feet deep.



IMG_1808Adam had a couple memorable meals at Anna’s Warung, a small eating house on a tiny side street. A plate of fried noodles with chicken and a cold water cost $2.50, an obviously good deal. We ate dinner at CharMing one evening and enjoyed a bit of a swanky meal there. We also ate lunch at Dusk Blue, which was so, so good. The restaurant also has a little gift shop inside with local and regional treasures, as well as a few imports. We took home a couple of nice souvenirs from here, including a set of hand-painted baskets that now sit in our guest room. I wish we could have tried a few more spots because I know there are some gems around there, but again, Bali belly.

To be honest, though, we ate a lot of meals at the hotel. Breakfast, which was included, was wonderful, but so were the two restaurants on site. More often than not, however, we ordered in room service while watching HBO in our kimonos. There are so many levels of decadence and relaxation for us wrapped up in that and I’m not even going to apologize. For us, it was perfect.





IMG_5860 IMG_5863


Oh, Bali, you were so good to us (for the most part). We loved your impossibly clear waters, friendly locals and unique customs. I hope we come back to see you someday!

Have you been to Bali? What did you think? If you haven’t been, do you have any desire to go? It’s so far away for Americans (and even we had to travel 24 hours to get there), but we saw so many Australians! Bali is sort of like their Mexico I’m assuming. What luck! It was such a pleasure to experience a new part of the world and learn about their fascinating culture.

Also, honeymoons? Amazing! I loved taking a long, relaxing trip that was all about celebrating our new marriage and commitment to each other. We talked a lot about the exciting first year of marriage and even more about the thrilling things to come. It was all so, so wonderful. I’m tempted to get married a third time so we can take another honeymoon…

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