A Fitness Tip: Ellen Barrett

ballet dancer

Did anyone look into Tracy Anderson and her videos? They worked me like a dog and I had the most sculpted arms I’ve ever had after two months of using them regularly. I took a break from them and only just started re-using them this week–I can’t even get through the segments anymore; they’re too tough! I must have been really strong at one point if I could get through these…

I’m definitely still a TA fan but I’m now hooked on Ellen Barrett thanks to my friend Nancy. Tracy and Ellen could not be more different, but I think the dichotomy is working to my advantage. Where Tracy pushes you and almost intimidates you with her emotional detachment from exercise, Ellen inspires and encourages. With Ellen, your heart shines forward and you feel “heat” rather than “burn” during your exercise. You should feel invigorated not exhausted.

What’s so great about her exercise routines is how sneaky they are. Her workouts–a blend of pilates, yoga, ballet, cardio, and “fusion fitness”–transition so quickly, each move blending into one another, that you hardly have time to realize what’s happening or what’s working until you’re wiping the sweat off your brow. You don’t fully understand how hard you’re working until it’s over, a method that I believe helps reduce fatigue and frustration. I always feel more energized, yet more relaxed after each routine.

I’ve tried several of her videos and even watched a few on YouTube. You can find out more about her program here, as well as on Amazon. What do you think? Have you ever used her videos? Are you a workout video person? I used to not like them all but now I’m sort of hooked! They just make so much sense when you have inclement weather or don’t go to a gym.

For reference here are the ones I’ve done and can recommend:


THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT: I am not a fitness expert and I make no claims to be one. Exercise is a hobby and big interest of mine. I have never been certified as a personal trainer and only have certifications for yoga through YogaFit. Please consult a trained professional before beginning a new fitness program. Thank you!

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