Oh, Monday


How are you? How was your weekend? We went to a jazz club with friends on Saturday night and saw Molly Ringwald perform. It was…interesting. Yesterday I baked pumpkin bread and made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. We also wrote wedding thank you notes and listened to Serial, the world’s best podcast. We’re hooked!

How is Monday shaping up where you are? Ours is chilly and rainy and generally slow. I’m feeling a bit under the weather but still making progress on my typical Monday tasks. I’ve got a candle lit and a cup tea going so all is well. The candles above were from Phil’s apartment and nearly caught his place on fire. I was ready with a fire extinguisher. Just in case : )

Obviously I took a break from blogging and it felt good to step away for a bit, especially in light of the book I just finished yesterday, about which more tomorrow. I’m feeling more inspired and interested–not to mention the fact that my German class is already over!– so I plan to write more regularly, and hopefully more intentionally.

I’ve had a collection of links sitting in my “Friday Links” document for a while that’s felt neglected so I’ll go out of turn here and share my list on Monday instead of Friday. Everybody’s looking for a distraction on Monday anyway. Hope you’re off to a great start today! (It’s birthday week over here…)

A song for the day

This video of clumsy baby elephants is one of the best things I’ve ever seen

How to make the ultimate grilled cheese

I love learning about other people’s Thanksgiving traditions. We always go around the table and say what we’re thankful for, which is pretty standard.

A story about how Siri became and a boy with autism’s best friend. Fascinating!

This is on the Christmas wishlist

Ditto this

Cauliflower cheese. Just yes. And yes.

Made me laugh. Made me laugh even harder.

An interview with Edward Norton. Does anyone have any thoughts on Birdman?

Just bought this book and handful of others for book club and free time

Finally, city.ballet., an online documentary about the New York City ballet is my new obsession.



2 thoughts on “Oh, Monday

  1. Kristina and Adam-Happy Monday to you-It is sixteen degrees when I got up this morning-This your birthday week!Email me sometime so I can email back to you–Love you

  2. Hi Hon.
    I like getting your blog as you post it.
    I liked your La La song. The elephants were cute too.
    Ran a few errands over the weekend, worked down here most of it, out in the warehouse crating.
    Mon & I watched Jersey Boys in the movie room Saturday night, great movie.
    Busy week coming up here, lot’s of work in the warehouse.
    Not too long you will be home, 12/11.
    Love you, Dad.

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