Thanksgiving Etiquette

julia child

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving this Sunday, a little earlier than everyone in the States, but that’s no worry. Our friends are hosting some people at their house and I can’t wait to dig into turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. I actually had a Thanksgiving luncheon yesterday with my American Women’s Club so I’ve pre-gamed a bit for the main event. For the record, still very, very excited.

While heaps of food may be foremost in my mind there’s still room for etiquette in there. When you’re surrounded by family it’s easy to shove those rules and gentle reminders of general politeness and manners out of the way in favor of camaraderie and intimacy. But thanks to my parents I do think it’s important to remember a few rules of etiquette during the holiday season, especially if you are celebrating with friends and people who are not blood-related to you and thus forced to forgive you.

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Bon Appetit’s Modern Guide to Thanksgiving Etiquette is just brilliant. It’s contemporary in relevance (cell phones and electronic thanks you’s are up for discussion) but timeless in its considerations. Just be a nice guest, a person that people genuinely want to invite again and again.

There are tips on what to bring (homemade goodies if you can) and what to wear (smart casual), as well as tips for the host, including a timeline and playlist suggestions. Football, leftovers, toasts and how to organize a seating plan are in there as well. With the holiday coming right up, these tips are a great refresher.

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What are you up to this weekend? My birthday is tomorrow and Adam’s is on Monday so we are having a little birthday dinner at home tonight: fried chicken and Champagne! Apparently it’s a dynamite combination and there’s even a restaurant in New York dedicated to the pairing–Birds & Bubbles. I’d love to just stroll around Bern and meet up with friends tomorrow, after Adam brings me coffee in bed and I open my presents and cards, that is : )

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

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One thought on “Thanksgiving Etiquette

  1. Great blog and thanks for the credit!
    Wish we were there to stroll around Bern with you two on your Birthdays and meet with your friends.
    Happy Birthday to both of you.
    Love you more, Dad.

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