Christmas Cheer


Have you decorated for the holidays? I am so, so bad at it. Last year I was so overwhelmed with buying things for the everyday that I couldn’t even think about buying yet more stuff that would just be put away in the near future. This year, I’m leaving on the 11th for the US and I don’t want to decorate just to leave a few days later. Of course, most of this can be chalked up to laziness. Excuses, excuses.



Instead, I’ve added just a few cheery touches around the apartment, mostly in the shape of needlepoint pieces my Aunt Winnie has made or fresh berries from the florist. I wish we had a little tree but maybe next year?





These could not be any cuter. My aunt and uncle gave them to us as a wedding gift, and of course Aunt Winnie stitched all the beautiful needlepoint. I love that we are represented as jolly Santa and Mrs. Claus. Maybe our kids will be elves? ; )


Last night Adam and I laid on the couch and listened to Christmas music while giving each other foot rubs. I highly, highly recommend doing all your relaxing in these socks. If you can get this pajama set to go with them then you earn some extra festive points or something because I think it might just be too much for me to handle. I live for jammies and comfort.

We listened to all the standard favorites–Nat King Cole, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, The Carpenters–but also my favorite Christmas tune, “Holy Holy Holy” by Sufjan Stevens. It is so sweet and peaceful. All his Christmas songs are beautiful, but this one is the best. “Sister Winter” is also pretty great.

How do you infuse holiday cheer around your house? Do you decorate? Listen to music? Cook or bake something special? Adam and I don’t have too many Christmas traditions but we do like to listen to music and watch movies. Adam’s a big believer in watching the Die Hard movies around this time of year and I of course like a little Love Actually with my Christmas cheer.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer

  1. Christmas cheer is very evident at the Endres apt!I like the tree branch in water???Santa Claus?? The gift of the Christmas stockings are a perfect keepsake!

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