Flashback: July 2006





How seriously cute are these little dudes? They are two of my nephews, Spencer and Jacob, and they certainly aren’t camera shy. Or at least they weren’t, considering these photos were taken almost nine years ago (!) I can’t believe it.

I have a tendency to poke through old pictures, reliving my favorite memories and marveling at how my family and I have evolved. I tend to get lost in these moments for hours at a time. For me, it’s very cathartic.

These pictures were taken at the Kansas Speedway one very, very hot summer day. For his birthday my dad was treated to a few laps around the racetrack, courtesy of my brothers. He was thrilled if not also a little nauseous at the prospect. I’m pretty sure he had a great time though. Right, dad?!




IMG_0546Aren’t these fun? Do you ever fall into a rabbit hole of reminiscing and looking back through pictures?

What are you up to this weekend? We are having dinner out with friends tonight and then going to another friend’s house tomorrow night for pulled pork burritos. I’ve felt extra lonely these past couple of weeks so I’ve been doubling-down on friend time. While it’s been so, so good to be back in Switzerland, the transition hasn’t been as smooth as I was hoping it would be. I’m sure it will just take a little time to find our rhythm again.

Wishing you and yours a very happy weekend!


One thought on “Flashback: July 2006

  1. Kristina-Always look forward to the morning to see your blog!!I miss you and Adam too but I guess we are experiencing that so called word-LIFE-right?? Look forward to hearing that Joe is doing better!our prayers are still that he will continue to regain what he has lost– As Adam knows I am a march madness nut!!I think my bracket is not to shabby!Myron knows about it!! Love you so much- Grandma

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