It’s a Good Friday




IMG_3436To those celebrating I wish you a very pleasant Good Friday and a happy Easter! Normally I would love to be prancing about in a new spring dress to welcome warmer temperatures, but it was snowing this week…so I’m still in jeans and boots. Would love to see that sun sometime soon!

What are you doing this weekend? Our dear friends are moving to Portland, OR this weekend and we are having them over tonight for dinner and hugs before they go. Life without them here will be very different indeed but we are so excited for their new adventure–plus we can’t wait to visit them!

We might also take a last-minute trip to a thermal spa this weekend for some much needed concentrated relaxation, but otherwise it will probably pretty quiet. If you find yourself looking for something to read I’ve collected the usual list of links. I hope you have a lovely weekend with family and friends!

A song for you.

I’m making this french onion dip as an appetizer today. It is out of this world.

To combat that hip dip here are the three exercise moves you need to know. (I tried the first one and was worn out!)

I really want to watch this documentary. It sounds fascinating and a little spooky.

This has circulated quite a bit already, but I thought Angelina Jolie’s op-ed for why she decided to have her fallopian tubes and ovaries removed was heartfelt and very sincere. It certainly sparks an interesting debate on preventative care and what truly constitutes femininity.

In other New York Times news, this examination into a Norwegian prison, whose main mission is to help rehabilitate and reintegrate its prisoners back into society, was so insightful.

20 Career Tips from Entrepreneurial Women.

My tip to you: this cheek stain. I’m obsessed! (I use poppy paradise)

A seriously comfortable t-shirt.

Bourbon rosemary fizz cocktails. Adam made these on Sunday night and they were ::insert kissy face emoji here::

I’m listening to this book on audio and think it’s really good so far.

Made me laugh : )




3 thoughts on “It’s a Good Friday

  1. I’ve been dying to see the “Going Clear” documentary, since I have a secret fascination with cults and underground societies. (I also used to walk by the L. Ron Hubbard Center in Washington, D.C. on my commute every day–gorgeous building) …anyways, Happy Easter!

  2. That rosemary fizz thing looks awesome. I think i’ll try one tonight. I’ve come across a recipe for some Rosemary bread ( that I’m going to try tomorrow so I’ll have some fresh rosemary on hand.

    I watched 2/3rds of that documentary on scientology and it is spooky. It sounds like they took some good ideas about positive thinking and a view of the world and have warped it significantly at the highest levels and really have turned into a cult. I also think sometimes people can take Christianity to cult like levels and can really warp the teachings of Christ and the Bible to way out levels, but that can be said about most religions. I think what the documentary does a really good job of doing is showing how completely reasonable people can do some pretty morally reprehensible things when they stop thinking and evaluating for themselves and hand themselves over to something so completely.

    Love you, keep up the good blogging and hope to talk to you soon.

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