Tuesday Book Club: Toting Books


On Sunday Adam and I hiked up the Gurten, Bern’s local mountain, and we each carried a backpack. His is a CamelBak with a water reservoir, but it also contained sandwiches and chips for lunch and a can of Coke. As we walked out the door I quickly ran over the contents in mine: wallet, waterproof blanket, camera, book, tissues, chapstick, sunscreen, cell phone, apartment keys, and even more tissues. “We’re just going up the Gurten,” Adam reminded me gently.

Mind you, some of those seem necessary (the sunscreen for sure) and I have a near-phobia of going anywhere without chapstick, but the book? Necessary? No, but coming along with me anyway? Yes.

I very rarely leave home without a book, even if I’m just going into town for groceries and errands. I never know if I’ll have the urge to stop in a cafe for a coffee or tea and want something with me to read. Or, I may find a sunny bench that looks perfect for a twenty minute rest. I know in that moment I’ll be glad I have a book with me.

What about you? Do you carry a book with you? I know it makes sense to take one if you have an appointment or know you’l be facing a long wait somewhere but I think I’ve transcended that. It’s almost as if the book is a talisman of sorts. Of course some books don’t make sense to tote around. The Goldfinch, Infinite Jest, and even The Luminaries were all a bit of a pain. But overall I just feel better knowing it’s there. Just in case.


p.s. Right now I’m reading Wolf Hall, which is entertaining if not also a little over my head at times… Apparently it’s a miniseries on PBS, running from April 5-May 10.


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Book Club: Toting Books

  1. I’m guessing because you’re living in Europe you just haven’t heard of them yet, but there are these things out there now called e-books. You can even get an e-reader app for your phone so you don’t need to carry around anything extra in your napsack.

    Seriously though I do know that there’s nothing like the feeling of a book and turning the pages of a physical book, but the convenience of an e-reader has won me over. Courtney got me a kindle years ago, I believe it’s 1st generation, that I still use to this day, but I also have the kindle app on my phone. I’ve found that while it’s not my preferred reading medium I read a ton on my phone these days, sitting in the car wash line, waiting on perscriptions for the kids, and unfortunately more and more these days in the airport.

    Ramble, ramble, ramble, net net, get your kindle fixed. πŸ™‚

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