Let’s Relax, Friday


The other weekend Phil came up for a Saturday of bowling and darts, followed by an early Easter dinner and cards. We’re all about the Uno and Golf around here…

What are you up to this weekend? We’ve had two busy weekends in a row so we’re hoping to lay low and take it easy. It’s supposed to rain here so it will be perfect for puttering and tinkering around the apartment. I’m making this for dinner tomorrow night and my mouth is already watering.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and here are a few links that kept me busy this week:

A song for Saturday

7 great podcasts to try now that you’ve crushed Serial (I just subscribed to This American Life and Radiolab)

Speaking of, more information about why your brain likes audio storytelling so much

What are your thoughts on this Nike ad?

This has been me one too many times. Made me laugh (and cringe : )

Lovely sandals

Remember our trip to Vals? Apparently this new hotel may be popping up there soon. Yikes.

This book looks incredible. Add it to your must-read list!

The impact of a positive response. It’s funny because I was conditioned to reply, “Finethankyouhowareyou?”, when asked how I was as a kid and still respond that way to this day, with perhaps a bit more enthusiasm and cheer. Thanks Mom!

Have you seen Dove’s most recent Real Beauty campaign promo? I like these short films because they can be empowering, but I also really like this take on it and the films’ propensity toward oversimplification.



4 thoughts on “Let’s Relax, Friday

  1. As I near the big 4-0 I’m finding things that give me reason to believe I really am getting old. One of these things is podcasts, I just don’t get them. I’ve tried subscribed to a few, and tried to listen from time to time, but man i just can’t do it. I don’t understand when I’m supposed to just listen to something, I don’t have that kind of time. Maybe that’s it, with age comes responsibility and I just don’t have the time to sit and listen to some one talk for an hour-ish. It could also be that I’m on conference calls all day so the last thing I need at the end of the day is to listen to more people talk. I also don’t have a commute so maybe I’m missing out on having that window of time to listen to a podcast while I’m stuck in traffic. I have listened to a few from time to time, when I do find a window, but I just can’t commit to a regular broadcast and keeping up on it. I sub’d to the Jay Mohr podcast which was really funny, but after having over 20 of them on my phone taking up space i unsubscribed and deleted the old files. I get it, I’m old and don’t understand the new ways of the world. To that I say, oh well, I’ve got enough other stuff going on that I’m ok not being up on the latest “thing”.

    • I like to listen to them while I’m working around the house: cooking, cleaning, folding laundry, etc. What a hausfrau! I can also see how they would be nice to listen to on a commute, especially because the radio sooks these days.

      But, the point I’m really trying to make is, yeah, you’re old ; )

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