Our Wedding: Ceremony and Portraits


adam-kristina-0153Our wedding ceremony was easily the most special part of the day. I understand that might be an obvious sentiment given the whole purpose that we gathered that afternoon, but Penny, our pastor, was truly exceptional. I’ve known Penny since I was a little girl. She was a neighbor of ours and the kids used to play together while the moms talked. Once, while my mom was in New York visiting my aunt, she had to rush over before kindergarten to braid my hair because my dad was at a total loss. What a lifesaver!

Penny asked Adam and I to write letters to one another before the ceremony and she said she would read parts of them throughout her sermon. Adam and I have a long history of writing love letters so this felt a little daunting since there would be an audience, but mostly we were prepared. In fact, Penny read each of our letters in their entirety and they were so incredibly special not only to us but to all the guests. They were such a beautiful artifact of our past, present, and current love and I know our friends and family used the reading of them as a time to reflect on their own love and relationships. Needless to say we cried while she read them both, and I’m pretty sure I could hear lots of sniffling behind me.







adam-kristina-0110I love these silly little monkeys. My dad and I were waiting behind the curtain and could hear lots of laughs as the triplets came down the aisle. It seems there was a bit of a miscommunication between the three of them as to when and where to drop the petals : ) Organized chaos at its sweetest.



I was ready to charge down the aisle. Nerves, excitement, energy, and anticipation all jumbled up together, you know? My dad literally had to tug my arm backward because I was ready to take that aisle at a full trot. (p.s. I walked down the aisle to this song)









adam-kristina-0161What a surreal moment it is to stand in front of all your favorite people and declare something so sacred and precious and personal. I love Adam and I’m ready to love him forever. There’s certainly something to be said for a small and intimate gathering but to share it with others is an unimaginable blessing. We felt so loved and encouraged. I can’t wait to do it again! : )  [for reference, we had 125 people there–a number that I thought made for a fun party, but was also very manageable]









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