Deep Thoughts, Friday


What are you up to this weekend? We’re going to the Purity Ring concert in Zurich tonight and then hanging around Bern with a couple of friends tomorrow. Adam and I went to the symphony last night which was a pure treat. It’s nice to have a date that feels a little fancy and different.

We’ve been talking a lot about what our life is like right now and how we’d like it to be in the future, and that future picture includes children. While we’re not anticipating little ones tomorrow, it definitely is something that’s on my mind a lot. This piece of advice was a reiteration on the inability to “have it all” in a fresh and candid voice. She brings up an especially interesting point, “I became much more focused and ambitious after I had kids. I valued my time more. I used my time more wisely.” Any input here from women who are already moms?

In the same vein I’ve been talking a lot to a friend lately about knowing when you’re ready to become a mom. She’s trying to decide if she wants a second and she has a lot of sound advice about not ever feeling ready. You just do it and embrace it and let it change everything in your world. These moms say something similar and it’s nice to know that there may never be an exact right moment for anything.

Big thoughts on a Friday! I hope you and yours have a wonderful spring weekend and here are a few links from around the web:

A song for tonight!

Cheese could save your life (right now we have five kinds of cheese in the fridge so we’re in the clear)

I just bought this book and can’t wait to start reading it.

DIY succulent pots look *relatively* easy to make. Worth a try, methinks

It’s asparagus season! My favorite! I want to make this soon and maybe swap in goat cheese? Serve it with Sancerre?

Should women wear a work uniform?

“What Part of ‘No, Totally!’ Don’t You Understand?” Grammar nerds, you’re going to love this.

Paris / New York

Made me laugh. So true.

(image via)

3 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts, Friday

  1. Love deep thoughts! I’m definitely in the “how long can I put off babies to build my career” place with my 30th birthday looming…ugh. I think I keep waiting for some definitive information or sign to push me into baby mode. Sometimes I think a surprise pregnancy might be the best thing to happen to me 🙂

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