Mother’s Day Gift Inspiration


My mom is such an outrageously special woman. Sometimes I can’t believe we live so far away because our time together is so precious and fun and probably one of my favorite things. Whenever I go home we inevitably find ourselves at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee carefully dissecting everything that’s happened since we last saw each other and psychoanalyzing our family’s and friends’ behavior. It’s sacred time. We also usually wind up watching a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode or five and that time is just as magical. I love my mom.

I sent her a little something in the mail the other day (be on the lookout, Mom!) but here are a few more inspired ideas if you’re still looking for a treat for your mom (or wife or sister or best friend…). If she’s anything like mine, though, she probably just wants a sweet card and some time together.

floral scarf

A pretty scarf for accessorizing this spring

modern muse

A fresh and modern scent that will make her feel beautiful.

opposite of loneliness

A deeply thoughtful book by a rising young talent who tragically passed away. It’s full of wise words and I personally look forward to reading it.

pagoda necklace

A unique necklace made with love in India

ring dish holder

A pretty dish to hold her rings and jewels

campanelle pasta

A homemade meal, during which you gossip and laugh like the best of friends : )

diamond tote bagA tote bag for collecting treasures at the flea market or taking to the beach

rewined candle

A clever candle in a variety of rich scents (Made in Charleston!)

elkskin suede gloves


Gardening gloves and the promise to help her plant her beautiful garden

aesop balm

Decadent hand balm so she can feel pampered


sylish Mom card

The perfect card for her

IMG_2245A long walk together (or phone call!) when you can just catch up



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