Off for the Weekend!


What are you up to this weekend?I’m signing off early this week because Adam, Phil, and I are heading to Ljubljana for the weekend! (It’s in Slovenia, by the way). We desperately need a little break, and though we will only be there for 48 hours I’m so excited to see new sights and have a breather.

Has this week felt a little wonky to anyone else? I’ve been having dreams about my teeth either crumbling or falling out of my mouth and it’s been really disturbing. Obviously I must be feeling a little stressed or uncertain about something and I’m looking forward to shaking off some of that anxiety. Adam and I rather impulsively booked tickets for a trip in June and I can’t tell you how excited I am for that week.

I hope you have a lovely, restorative weekend. I caught a little flak last week for not posting my usual round-up (all in good fun, of course), so here it is! Enjoy, friends.

A song for the weekend. (I realize I’m so behind on this…)

Made me laugh. “Symbolism, right?”

“Foot fungus is better in America.” Expats, you can relate : )

What a perfect soup for spring!

My favorite thing about camping

11 tips to improve your baked goods–I could really stand to bookmark this, right?

A pretty top for warm weather. I’m partial to the lavender one.

Over-the-shoulder trick shots. Very impressive.

Mind-boggling photos of the “Chinese art of the crowd”

A buying guide to fine jewelry

This month’s pick for wine school. Will you try it? It’s a controversial choice ( you love it or hate it!) but I’m intrigued.


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