Bon Voyage!

dancing elephant

Adam and I head back to the US today. We’ll be spending the next two weeks there, visiting family and spendings lots of quality time with Adam’s dad and mom. It simultaneously feels like no time has passed since we left in March and like it has been the longest year of our life. 

As I have mentioned before, there are so many emotions that encompass what the last five months have been like for us. And every time I think of the chaos and overwhelming feelings I’ve experienced, I remember that they are nothing compared to Adam’s mom. This past Sunday we were of course thinking about our moms and reminiscing about what incredible women they are. Adam’s mom has been so impossibly strong, brave, and courageous through everything and she is a true inspiration to all of us. I can’t wait to give her a big squeeze!

As in the past, this space will probably be pretty quiet for the rest of the month while we’re at home. I might pop in and out but I can’t say what the next two weeks look like so I won’t promise anything. There are loads of archives, however, if you feel inspired to go digging through them : )

Lastly, you know I’m not one for inspirational quotes (I seem to remember posting at length about it here, specifically saying, “These false mantras don’t do a lot for me and sort of make me question the sincerity of those who purport them.” So, let’s just all commit to not committing to anything), but I may have found one that’s really sweet and beautiful and perfect for right now.

maya angelou

There are a lot of directions I could take this in my own life, but I let it sit with you for a bit. That Maya Angelou, she just got us, didn’t she?

I hope you are doing well and feeling well and letting your own light shine bright for others. When you are feeling taxed, what is your initial response? When you are feeling overwhelmed and sad, for whom do you reach? When you are joyous and abundant with happiness and pleasure, how do you celebrate?

Wishing you and yours a very happy spring xo

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3 thoughts on “Bon Voyage!

  1. Have a good trip home. Your comments about Susan were so true. Enjoy your time at home and make great memories to add to your lives in years to come. Love to you both.

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