Kickstarter Campaigns

amphibious bicycle

Have you heard of Kickstarter? It’s a website designed to help fund creative new projects ranging from music and art to design and technology. The concept is all-or-nothing, so if a project does not receive the full funding they’ve requested then no money is actually spent. There’s great incentive to spread the word about your ideas and inventions in order to receive full backing.

We’ve participated in a lot of Kickstarter campaigns in the past. My favorite notebook, Baron Fig, was originally a Kickstarter project, but you can now buy them here. I’m currently supporting a Joan Didion documentary and my friend’s LP. It’s an exciting way to encourage entrepreneurs and creativity.


Adam recently stumbled upon a couple of projects that are still open and I thought I’d share them with you because they are things I would actually be interested in having, especially MIITO. It’s a “sustainable alternative to the electric kettle” that heats liquid in your desired vessel, thereby eliminating the usage of extra water and electricity. The design is beautiful and sleek and would look great on any countertop. I’d love to have one for making my daily afternoon tea.

There are still 12 days to go for the campaign if you’re interested in pledging, though they’ve already raised €515,000, €365,000 over their original goal, meaning that this project will definitely be backed. Looks very cool!

light phone

The other project is The Light Phone, a cell phone that only makes calls. It’s the size of a credit card and “designed to be used as little as possible.” There are no distracting notifications, apps, or games that might divert your attention while you are out with friends. It’s an interesting, almost retroactive concept given that this is actually how cell phones started. Of course they’ve mutated into something far more ubiquitous and distracting. I like the idea of encouraging people to be more engaged with their surroundings rather than with what’s happening on their phone.

There are 26 days left to go for this fundraiser and you can still pledge if you’re interested. Like MIITO, The Light Phone has surpassed its original goal so it will definitely move forward in design and execution, meaning this is a fail-safe project to be a part of.





Have you ever donated to a Kickstarter project before? What are your thoughts? Would you have pledged to help fund any of these wacky inventions of the past?

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