Pet Peeves

eyesI once had a long conversation about pet peeves with the editor of a magazine I used to write for. Unfortunately, I kind of have a lot, and most of them are easy to follow and we might even share some of them in common: chewing with your mouth full; cutting in line; walking and texting (especially on the wrong side of the sidewalk); common misspellings, e.g., “anyways”, “alot”, “incase”–all not actual words. The last one has been making me crazy lately. “Incase”? Like, just incase you missed it, I forgot that those are actually two words. (The only exception being archaic and/or nuanced British spellings).

Anyway, I do have one weird, inexplicable pet peeve and it is watching people mime eat. As in, pretending to eat or drink and not actually doing it. This is most often seen in improv or comedy shows, on TV, or when someone is performing an exceptionally dramatic retelling of an event.

I don’t know why exactly–and trust me, I don’t go to a lot of comedy shows–but this sort of playacting drives me nuts! I can’t handle it and I literally squirm watching it.

My editor, of course, thought I was crazy. She, however, has a weird pet peeve herself, and that is titles that include the word “Shoppe.” As in, Ye Olde Medicinal Shoppe, or The Gift Shoppe at Cedar Woods. Isn’t that funny and weird? One little word annoys her to no end.

It got me thinking about this list of “Words We Don’t Say”, created by a former editor of New York magazine:


Ha! Isn’t this genius? If I were an editor, I’d be inclined to add a few here myself. I shudder at “New York’s finest” and “a who’s who of”. Yikes!

What are your biggest and oddest pet peeves? I mean, what really grinds your gears?

(image 1 via // image 2 via The New York Times)

5 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. Recently developed pet peeve: When people have headphones in listening to music, but the volume is so loud so everyone can hear it. The peeve is worsened if the music happens to be R. Kelly.

  2. I have two: one is when people leave time on the microwave (it kills me!!) and the other is when brands or stores use different letters to spell words. Usually this is a “c” for “k” switch like Koffee Korner or Krazy Kampers. Just spell it right!! Why do you have to switch out the letters?! It drives me wild.

    Mime eating cracks me up, that is a funny one!

  3. I cannot listen to people eat breakfast. Truly, anyone one crunching solo in an otherwise silent room is horrific, but for the love, put some tunes on for morning eating times. It’s just disgusting.

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