Kickstarter Campaign: BASICS Notebook




I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge fan of the Kickstarter community and the exciting projects that are being shared and funded. I recently discovered the BASICS notebook and am really impressed by its style and functionality.

I am not alone, however, since they managed to surpass their $10,000 fundraising goal within one week and have raised over $112,000 since launching. So impressive!

Features of the notebook include: a pen holder, dual elastics, whiteboard paper, side pocket, six month planner, lined paper, blank pages, goals, weekly activity planner and checklists. I’m most intrigued by the dual elastics because I am always looking for something to hold down pages of my notebook while I’m copying notes from an interview or pulling quotes from a book. What a great feature.

I also like that the notebook folds flat and has a weekly planner with space to take notes. Sometimes if I’m at a meeting or an event, I’d like to have space to jot down a few ideas to help me prepare and this area at the bottom of the planner is perfect for that.

You can opt for a 12-month or 6-month planner, depending on which would suit your lifestyle and needs better. And you can choose between black and mint for the durable cover.

The fundraising ends on August 30 so there is still time to back the project and reap your rewards from the ground level. It’s so cool to be a part of a concept from its earliest stages.



Are you supporting any projects on Kickstarter? What about notebooks and planners? I know people can get super committed to a style for years and I’m curious to know what yours are.

(All images and gif used with permission from The BASICS Notebook)


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