Happy Swiss National Holiday, Friday!

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IMG_3680Last Saturday Adam and I escaped the gloomy, chilly weather by heading to the balmy indoors of the Bern Botanical Garden. It’s open every day of the year and that coupled with no entrance fee makes it a perfect spot on a day wandering around the city. There are so many beautiful and exotic plants within the large greenhouses, but the outdoor premises are charming as well. There are lots of benches and secluded nooks; I imagine it would be a great place to go for a date.

What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow is the Swiss National Holiday so there will be lots of fireworks and parties if the forecasted rain doesn’t chase us all indoors. In fact, they almost cancelled all the fireworks shows and stopped selling fireworks this year because of how hot and dry it’s been lately–they were worried about fires. But recent rain and lower temperatures suggest the show must go on! Sunday looks gorgeous so we’re planning on smoking pork ribs with a couple of new friends.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy these dog days of summer. Aren’t they glorious? Below are a few links that have caught my eye lately if you find yourself in a reading mood. Until Monday!

Speaking of reading, here are cool beach books for hot summer days. P.S. I’m reading this right now. Not at all a beach read but still very good!

A song for your weekend

How to email someone you don’t know so they’ll actually respond

This magazine cover. Whoa!

Good news J. Crew shoppers. Added this to the closet 🙈What’s one more when you already have a thousand?

Tips for overnight guests (I’m making a note to be better about stocking up on everyday basics)

Stuff business people say. Raise your hand if you’re guilty!

How “Switzerland ruined me for America” 10 ways to have a happier morning

There’s a blue moon tonight–we’ll be out looking for it

As someone who relies on bike lanes with regularity, I really appreciate this (amazingly strong) fellow

Could this story be any more mortifying?!

Lastly, tomorrow is National Girlfriends Day and I was recently sent this infographic (click to enlarge) from Oscar, a tech-based health insurance company, as a reminder to share with all my friends the importance of taking good care of your health. A healthy, active lifestyle is something I fully believe in and I hope you share some of these ideas with your girlfriends:

Oscar Women's CheckupsLRG

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