Back from the West




IMG_3872I arrived home yesterday after a tremendously spectacular trip to the west. It was everything, everything I wanted and even more than that–not surprising given how wonderful all my beautiful friends are.

Unfortunately, it ended in a semi-disaster that included a cancelled flight, a five-hour wait at baggage claim for reclaimed luggage that never showed, a surprise layover in Denver, and luggage that at this moment is still missing with all my treasures inside. Hence the nachos and beer above. When I’m stressed, I have no control over judgment or calories. As the cab driver told me on our way to the hotel by the Denver airport, though, “this happens to everyone so it’s not that big of a deal.” Ah, perspective. You’re right there when I need you.

Travel snafus are bound to happen (train to the Amsterdam airport, I’m looking at you), butย I have found it’s best to remember to be kind and patient. Be kind to the people who are trying to help you fix what’s gone wrong. I stood next to a man at customer service who was so impossibly rude and stubborn I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the agent attempting to help him. For the most part, they are trying to help you and insulting them will certainly not earn you any favors (or potential seats on the next flight out). And, patience is critical here. I always try to remember that eventually I will get home, even if it’s not when I originally thought. So many factors are out of my control and releasing any perceived power over them helps me relax and feel less anxious. And lastly, stuff is just stuff. If they never find my bag then, yes, I will be disappointed (currently they aren’t even sure where it is in the world. literally), but I am safe and at home, which is of course the most important thing.

I hardly took any photos while I was there, and unfortunately my lovely camera is inside that missing bag so I couldn’t even share them with you if I had them. I’m not disappointed by this, however, because I felt even more present and aware without the “burden” of capturing everything perfectly. This idea about hiring a photographer to take pictures of you on vacation (and then deliver 20 “social-media ready” images each morning. Yikes!) sounds somewhat intriguing, and could help solve the specific conundrum of wanting to capture your travels but also wanting to be in the moment. Overall though, I find it too vain and narcissistic. What do you think?

That all said, I had the best time in the US and am so grateful for friends and relationships that I hold very dear to my heart. America, why do you keep them all hostage?! It is nice to be home and I’m savoring time with my sweet husband before I bail on him again this weekend and head to France. More details to come : )

4 thoughts on “Back from the West

  1. Kristina- Are you for real!!! I would be chomping at the bit wanting my luggage!!NOW!Bless your heart you are sweet! Love you

  2. 1. You are making me crazy homesick with these photos. 2. I’m so sorry about your luggage and can relate (I once spent an entire week in Florida in a rhinestone tank top that read “Miami”) 3. Bon vacances a France, mon amie!

    • haha! Oh man, that Miami tank top sounds like a dream. I suppose the silver lining is that I have a closet full of clothes and all my toiletries so at least I’m not on vacation when this is happening. Crossing my fingers it arrives soon! (And thanks for the well wishes–looking forward to my trip!)

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