On the Weekend

This past weekend was absolutely perfect. After having been out of town for the last three, I was looking forward to taking it easy and indulging in a few of my favorite leisure activities: coffee in bed, magazines on the balcony, naps in the sun, and decadent meals (fried chicken and macaroni and cheese, anyone?? I swear they’re South Beach-approved! ; )

IMG_4016And while it’s hard to put big expectations on the weekend (I WILL relax and we WILL have fun!), everything was just as I’d hoped it would be. In fact, and it’s hard to use this word without sound insincere or glib, it was perfect. It was such a lovely weekend. Yet we didn’t do anything glamorous or spectacular. We had homemade coffee and meals, we found a body of water and swam in it, we read. Everything we did this weekend we’ve done in the US and it all cost very little or no money.



IMG_3550It’s funny trying to explain our life to other people. What do you do? You went where? How? When are you moving back? Will you have kids over there? But really, when are you moving back? Living abroad is of course exciting and novel and at times extraordinarily special. But it is also very similar to the life we lived in Charleston. Sometimes it feels like I could be doing a lot of this in Kansas City.

That’s to say I’ve been spending a great deal of time trying to no longer divorce “my life in Switzerland” from “my life.” They are not mutually exclusive. Life didn’t really start when we moved here and it won’t really start when we move back. It’s just still going and will continue to with varying degrees of success and whimsy. I’m feeling very content with how things are right now. I love my life and it makes me feel good to be so happy. I understand that I’m lucky to have this opportunity, lucky to feel so content, and I am embracing it heartily and with heaps of gratitude.


IMG_4892I’m happy right now because I love spending time with Adam and pursuing activities and pleasures that I truly enjoy. It has little to do with the fact that I live in Switzerland or the fact that I don’t live in America. I suppose I’m waxing poetic on it now because I’ve spent a lot of time being lonely or homesick and it’s as though I’ve come up for a big gulp of fresh air and I can breathe a tremendous sigh of relief. Life is good.

I’d just like to give a big shout-out to the weekend for making it everything I wanted it to be and more. And I’d like to document this reminder to myself: when it gets tough–and it will–look to the little joys and amusements that make you feel good right this minute.

(images from around Bern)

4 thoughts on “On the Weekend

  1. This resonated deeply with me. I recently realized that I’ve been investing so much in foreign travel and almost none in my day-to-day Swiss life, that I’ve set myself up to believe that my “real life” is somewhere else. It is definitely something I need to work in as I begin expat year number 2. Miss you!

    • I know what you mean! Life happens in between the exciting trips and festivals. I think I’ve really started embracing that. It’s so hard to though in those early months when everything is so new and unfamiliar. Good to have goals for the coming year! Miss you too–let’s get together soon!

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