Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Chocolate Chips





Sexy cookie shots.

While Switzerland enjoys a huge amount of delicious and nutritious foods (vegetables that are actually in season! organic meat for everyone! fresh bread! CHEESE!) , the lack of chocolate chips is devastating. No chocolate chips! In Switzerland! Isn’t this the land of chocolate? And Nestle?!

I received a bag of chocolate chips last Thanksgiving in the “dream basket” that I won through my American Women’s Club and I made that bag last through three batches of my mom’s secret, famous recipe (I’ll never tell!). My mom’s cookies are, in a word, phenomenal. I staunchly refused to eat them all through my adolescence and teenage years because I thought I didn’t like chocolate. It wasn’t until college until I tried them and thought, Oh, so that’s what everyone has been talking about.

Anyway, I used her tried and true recipe with my contraband chips, but we are experiencing a massive drought at this point and if you know Adam at all then you know he has a wicked sweet tooth. Sometimes I fondly refer to him as the Cookie Monster because he positively devours them.IMG_4022

IMG_9668Enter the chocolate chip-less cookie. A life-saver indeed! It has all the warmth and brown sugar (another item that is terrifically hard, if not impossible, to find) of your favorite traditional chocolate chip cookie but none of the actual chocolate chips. The browned butter is the real star of this version and I’m not about to make any grand claims (because my mother reads this), but this cookie is pretty great.

Mine came out super soft with just the right amount of texture around the edges. I didn’t sprinkle any sugar on top before I baked them, though you certainly could. It has quite a bit already in the recipe and once you see the amount of butter in these I think you’ll hesitate to make them any more decadent than they already are : )

Will you try them? They are a great alternative if you can’t find chocolate chips or just want a simpler cookie. Here’s the recipe. Let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Chocolate Chips

  1. Thanks honey for your kind words. I’m thinking you should bring me some of those cookies next time you’re home 🙂 You’re such a good cook and now a baker …..another way you keep Adam happy !

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