A Fitness Tip: Music 01

major lazer

Major Lazer “Peace is the Mission”

This is the new album I’ve been listening to nonstop while on a run. I’ve even looped it so if for some crazy reason I get all the way through it it will simply start right back up. I listen to it while I cardio-clean, while I warm up to do some other exercise, while I attempt to psych myself up for something, anything!

You can listen to the entire album here, but you can also download it on your preferred music-listening platform. I may be one of the last dinosaurs who still buys music from iTunes so that’s where I’ve gotten my fix.

Electronic is not usually a go-to genre for me but it’s been getting me motivated for the last couple of weeks so I’m going with it. Here are two other tunes that help me get my energy up. I crushed 4.7 miles last week in record time (for me!) and it was thanks in part to motivating and catchy music.

They’re also good jams for, you know, frying chicken in the kitchen on a Saturday night.

What are you listening to? What are your favorite songs to exercise to? I go through phases with fitness music and I’d love any suggestions you may have.

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