Hoping for a Restful Weekend











IMG_4093Last weekend we went on an amazing hike through the Val d’Anniviers in canton Valais. For those not in Switzerland, this valley is in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, just north of the Italian border. It’s a quaint region that we rarely explore, though I’m guessing that after this weekend we’ll be back with increasing frequency.

We spent the night in Vissoie, a very sweet mountain town, and took a bus to Zinal to start our hike. We chose the route over breakfast that morning and hoped for the best. We were surprised in the best way possible by the beauty and magnitude of the mountains around us. We were also so totally knackered after what turned out to be a tough hike with an impressive climb. Adam and I were in bed by 8:00 that night totally beat from the day and the weekend in general.

The wine tasting event on Saturday had been planned for a while but the decision to stay the night and hike the next day was all very last minute. The case for “just go and do it” grows larger and more convincing with each impromptu trip we take or activity we organize. I’m learning to be better at spontaneity and going with the flow, though I do believe myself to be laid back and easy going. Still, sometimes I can get lost in the details and I’m trying to remember that it’s always worth it if you’re on the fence about making plans. Just do it!

That said, what are you up to this weekend? We’re taking it easy since we’ll be out of town the next two weekends and Adam would like to get some serious work done on the record player he’s building. I’m hoping for more time with my magazines and maybe even a few friends. I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy a few links I rounded up over the last week. Until Monday!

A song for the weekend

An important practice in our house

This butter chicken is my new favorite recipe. It makes a ton so prepare yourself for leftovers! (it’s better the next day anyway)

Inspiring books for your career, creative or otherwise. (I bought four 🙊)

Are female BFFs the new power couple?

The Instagram rules. A bit cheeky, yes, but some of them make good sense…

Turning 30 described in charts and graphs. Made me laugh. Something to look forward to?

How not to embarrass yourself in Germany.

I did this workout, followed by this quick one, on Wednesday and was sore all over on Thursday. Success!

Mindy Kaling on books and reading. Her imaginary book club made me laugh (and want to be invited)

Thank you, Claire, for sharing this. #dadjokesforever

The final act from this week’s This American Life podcast is so funny. I laughed out loud while I was finishing up my run yesterday.

P.S. Fourteen years ago today I was sitting in my freshman geography class when the twin towers were hit. It was surreal at the moment and continues to be to this day. I feel awe and compassion for those who were so personally affected by the tragedy and I remain ever proud to be American.

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