Off to Italy!

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IMG_1472.JPGAdam, Phil, and I are on our way to Florence today! I haven’t been since I studied abroad there 8 years ago and I am looking forward to revisiting some of my favorite sights and apologizing for being a silly 20-year-old in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

We’ll be visiting the Uffizi, walking along the Arno, eating too much pasta and gelato, looking at sculptures, ogling the Duomo, and enjoying the slower pace of Italian life. On Saturday we are renting a car and driving to a Tuscan villa to camp out for a week. We’re staying at a working vineyard and we’re just in time for harvest. Plus, it’s truffle season! It will be bliss.

Adam has a very generous vacation leave and we’ve been hoping for a chance to take a holiday that is longer than one week but it hasn’t been in the cards for us this year. Finally we are getting ten full days in one place and it will be so lovely to stretch out and enjoy ourselves and not feel so rushed. Long weekends in a new city are always fun, but ten days in a country: yes!

I’ll be leaving this space for a while as you can probably understand. Our Tuscan location will be remote so I’m not sure how reliable our internet connection will be, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can always find me on Instagram, but like I mentioned, we’ll see how active that is.

Wish you and yours a lovely couple of weeks and I’ll be back the last week of September, by which time it will be fall. Can you believe it?!

Until then.

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