Wishing You a Beary Nice Weekend

bearsI’m sorry about that title. I couldn’t stop myself.

There’s a legend surrounding the naming of Bern: Apparently, hundreds and hundreds of years ago the Duke of Zähringen, the founder of Bern, decided to name the city after the first animal he encountered on a hunt. He and his men came upon bears, or bären, and thus the city was named. Bears have been kept in a bear pit (Bärengraben) since at least the 1440s and they are loved by locals and tourists alike. The pit has been under renovation since the spring but the bears returned recently, just in time to hibernate! The bear pit is just down the hill from our apartment so I’m hoping to run down and see them before the tuck in for a long winter’s nap.

What are you up to this weekend? I’ve had a very low-key week after a busy September, and I’m looking forward to taking it easy this weekend. Adam and I are trying a new cool spot this evening (a rarity in Bern, unfortunately) and going over to our friends’ place tomorrow for margaritas and homemade Mexican. What a treat!

I hope you have a lovely fall weekend with family or friends, or a cozy blanket and a good book. Until Monday (and more pictures from Italy!), here are a few links from around the web.

A jam for the weekend

The BEST dry shampoo. I’ve tried a million brands and I’m sticking with this one (and stocking up when I go to the US)

The WORST traffic jam I’ve ever seen. Yikes!

So happy to see Everlane’s cashmere line for this season. This turtleneck has been wishlisted for those parties who are interested ; )

This book on interior design looks beautiful and insightful

I got misty eyed watching this interview.

Do you cheers when you’re out with friends? Swiss tradition is to cheers before every drink, clinking glasses and making eye contact (not doing so results in bad sex for seven years…) Adam’s family always says, “Cheers, big ears!” which I think is fun. Here’s a little primer on how to give a toast

If only I could dance like these cuties! (Thanks, Phil!)

Fall Is in the Air

Thinking about trying this pumpkin hummus.

Made me laugh.

(image via)

5 thoughts on “Wishing You a Beary Nice Weekend

  1. Good to hear that the bears are back in town. 😉 Have you been to “Restaurant Zebra” or “& Söhne” in Bern? I liked them both and the food was delicious.

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