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IMG_0631The other day I walked down Aargauerstalden, the big hill that leads from our apartment down into town. I was meeting a friend for lunch at Le Carrousel and decided to take the long way there, passing some beautiful foliage on the way. Tis the season for beautiful snaps on our phones and cameras, right?

In fact, I couldn’t help but laugh after seeing this Instagram considering I had taken a similar image of myself. I immediately deleted the image, inwardly cringing at my predictability. But then I thought, who cares?! The ability to laugh at ourselves and our mimicry is part of our humanity, and I feel lucky to have a sense of humor about social media and its ubiquity. I won’t stop Instagram, and I certainly won’t stop taking pictures of brilliant leaves simply because everyone else is doing it. I will, however, strive for a unique voice and perspective, if only for my benefit.









IMG_0676Foogy Bern town, we love you! Thank you for your photo ops and endless charm. I say it again and again, but I’m not sure I’ll ever live somewhere as beautiful as this.

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