Off to Amsterdam!



IMG_2839What are you up to this weekend? Adam, Phil, and I are off to Amsterdam today! We really are the Three Musketeers, and I must say I do like traveling with these fellas. We’re celebrating our birthdays, all three of which are just around the corner. If you recall, we went to Paris two years ago and Strasbourg last year, so I am happy to continue the tradition of a weekend away to ring in our birthdays. We chose Amsterdam specifically because CHVRCHES is playing there tomorrow night and we’ve all been wanting to see them since their first album came out and this happens to be our best chance. I don’t know what kind of life this is where we can zip over to Amsterdam to see a concert, but I like it : )

Since we got back from the US last week we’ve had the best weather. Adam even had a chance to smoke ribs this past Sunday in 65-degree weather, full sunshine and everything. It’s been such a lovely change from a usually dreary November. Here’s to hoping it lasts a bit longer.

I hope you have a lovely weekend despite fewer daylight hours. It feels a bit jarring now to have the sun set around 5:00, but I secretly love how cozy it makes everything feel. (Remind me I said that in January, mmkay?) Until Monday here is a condensed version of this week’s internet:

A song for the weekend. We’ll be jamming to this tomorrow night!

Just in time for trips this holiday season: how to be a gracious overnight guest

This portrait session with a twist was a hot topic over coffee yesterday morning. Does it demonstrate true artistic expression, or does the experiment rely on stereotypical portraiture tropes?

I would love this wallpaper on the big blank wall in our guest room/office. A girl can dream…

Currently reading this novel and loving it

Thinking about trying this stuffing recipe for Thanksgiving (you know me and caramelized onions). We’re hosting friends this year!

What are your random turn ons? Mine are watching Adam read and catching his eye from across the room when we’re at a party. Swoon!

We watched the first episode of Master of None on Netflix this weekend and really liked it. Have you seen it? Here’s Aziz Ansari on acting, race and Hollywood.

“Freakiest atmospheric happenings”

This greeting card made me laugh

Birthday shoes. Thanks Adam!

“But to let the question of parenthood sit on the horizon, just waiting to shake up your life? To try to pretend you don’t care? To not think about it, to ‘be chill,’ to avoid the subject and focus on anything else and say that you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it, if you come to it? I felt the same pressure, too, to treat a huge thing like it’s nothing, and I am declaring it ridiculous.” Me too! Thoughts on being baby curious : )

6 thoughts on “Off to Amsterdam!

  1. It’s not a “jam” per se, but I’m big on this song lately, I think it’s the John Denver in me that loves the accustic guitar and strong vocals early on, then picks up as it goes. And I know I’ve softened now that I’m a dad, and I’m 100% ok with it.

    I also know that the M&Ss latest album wasn’t all that well recieved, but I really like it, I have a whole M&S play list that I listen to when i travel, which is a lot any more. I don’t think it’s very popular, which is what I’m all about these days, but I like the song Monster:

    As far as reading, I’m re-reading Frank Herburt’s classic “Dune”. I remember seeing the movie when I was a kid and being taken with it.

    Anyway, have fun in Amsterdam, visit a cafe for me. 🙂

    • Nice! Thanks for the song recommendations–I really like “Monster” : ) Also, I’ve never heard of “Dune” but after reading up about it I think I should get into the science fiction game. That’s a genre I have almost no interest in but it would be good to open up my mind a bit. Lastly, since this is a family-friendly space, no comment on the coffee shop… ; )

  2. Sounds like a fantastic weekend – happy early birthday. And Omg “baby curious” YES. Basically my whole brain is consumed with considering the possibility of the idea that we might or might not be maybe ready to start a family in the near to far future…I honestly never thought about reading parenting stuff yet b/c it seemed like, crazy, maybe? But duh, such a brilliant idea and possible way to seize a little control of the swirling thoughts. Thanks for sharing. Happy Weekend! xx

    • “seize a little control on the swirling thoughts”. Exactly! It’s nice to freely admit (even if only to myself) that I think about parenthood a lot despite not being a parent. Part of that stems from the fact that so many of my family and friends are parents, and some comes from the fact that I’d love to be a parent soon as well. Lots to think about! Thanks for the birthday wishes : )

  3. Can’t wait to hear about Amsterdam! …and I have that wallpaper sitting in my storage unit waiting to be put up in our new apartment! Not kidding. It’s beautiful. You should 100% get it. You only need a little to make a big splash.

    • No way! Too funny. That wallpaper might be the only way I could justify an accent wall. A whole room of it seems too intense, and I imagine a little goes a long way. Yes, let’s dish on Amsterdam (and Istanbul!) soon.

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