Cooking for Two This Weekend




IMG_4955Gastronomically speaking, this was an excellent weekend for us, and further, if its riches foretell anything for the coming year it’s that it will be smothered in cheese and gravy.

There’s nothing like a little comfort food to distract you from the post-Christmas blues, and I would say we self-soothed in the most glorious ways, beginning with coq au Chardonnay on New Year’s Eve. It was a rainy and chilly night (and, let’s face it, weekend) and there was no way we were going out in that nasty weather. So we changed into fancy jammies, put on some tunes and started cooking this riff on a timeless French dish.

We’ve outlined a few of our goals for the new year and none stand out more to me than our cooking aspirations (mastering a poached egg, bitterballen, etc.) I was gifted Battersby: Extraordinary Food from an Ordinary Kitchen by my sister-in-law and we decided to tackle a recipe this past weekend. We landed on veal loin with Swiss chard, tomato, and green garlic and it was delicious. Restaurant-grade, high-five-at-the-table, pat-yourself-on-the-back-in-wonder delicious. There was basting, simmering, searing, and a shocking amount of butter so it’s really no wonder exactly how it was so good. The cookbook promises to showcase recipes that can be made by the everyday home cook, no special ingredients or tools required. Looking through the recipes I can see there are actually quite a few things we won’t be able to get here, but many of the dishes do look approachable and like something we could create here with little fuss. We are very excited to dive back into this book.

Another life goal: biscuits and gravy from scratch! While I worked out in the next room, Adam made b&g entirely from scratch, top to bottom. And they were awesome. I mean, I was ridiculously impressed that this was his first attempt and if my gut has anything to say on the matter, it certainly won’t be his last. Biscuits and gravy never, ever photograph well so there’s no picture here, but I’ll see if I can’t get him to share the recipes with you. You’re going to want to make these for your loved ones.

Ye olde cheese log made an appearance this weekend because reasons. Because cheese. Because I found Carr’s Table Water crackers at Globus and literally yelped. I was also gifted beautiful copper Moscow Mule mugs by my mother-in-law so we splurged for the sexy ginger beer and indulged in the spicy cocktail while we cooked our veal on Saturday night. We opened a bottle of wine that turned ten years old at midnight on New Year’s Eve and that was pretty special. We ate raclette for dinner on January 1 because we had most all the fixings for it at home and because why not, people? Literally, that is all the reason I need to make something like melted cheese over boiled potatoes, served with grilled mushrooms and tiny sausages. Just why not? Scrambled eggs with bacon: yes, they appeared. I also seem to recall a dismal salad with cauliflower at one point.

It was an intense weekend, friends. Lots of food, lots of drink, lots of couple time: all things at which Adam and I excel. Six hundred words about what I ate this weekend? Again, why not? This is how I’m going to run the show at the moment. There was some fitness, there were a couple of long walks, there were movies (Sleeping with Other People and The Big Short), there was a little Netflix bingeing (Making a Murderer), and there was a lot of reading (Adam finished All the Light We Cannot See and I read Everybody Rise in 24 hours).

I’m excited for this year. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I also know there will be challenges. When are there not? Mostly, though, I’m excited. If this weekend is any indicator then it is going to be rich.

Happy New Year!! Please, now that there’s been a lot of oversharing, dish on what you did this weekend : )


p.s. I know those photos leave a lot to be desired. Like, you know, the appetizing factor. But I’m also resolving to really use my camera more. Somehow I got out of the habit this past fall.


6 thoughts on “Cooking for Two This Weekend

  1. You’re back!!! I’m so excited, and imagining your discovery of Carr’s crackers made my heart skip. How was Sleeping with Other People? It’s been on my list for a while. We recently debated between it and Love and Mercy, which was great!

    So glad you’re back in action!

    • Ha! It was a little silly given that we are talking about crackers, but yeah, I was excited. I liked SWOP (loving the acronym more, though, tbh.) It was exactly what I thought it would be and I really like Jason Sudekis so it felt like an easy win. I recommend! And, yes, Love and Mercy is awesome! Glad to be back in action : )

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