Travel Wise: Dopp Kit



Confession: while traveling, I used to keep my toiletries in a Ziploc bag. This is neither chic nor savvy.

Therefore, I was on the hunt for a good dopp kit a few years ago and this one from Everlane was a perfect fit. The reverse denim is a nice unisex look and it hardly shows any wear and tear. It has a side pocket for smaller items and an open middle pouch with an interior pocket. I like to keep my makeup brushes in there to keep them protected. I stash q-tips, lip balm and my spot corrector in the side pocket, as well as rubber bands, bobby pins, tweezers and any medication I might be taking along with me.



A few things to consider when looking for a dopp kit:

Material: You want the bag to be made of a durable material like sturdy cotton or leather. This bag is water resistant, which helps in case of spills or leaks.

Color: I like a neutral color palette, but a bright color might help you easily find it in an overstuffed bag.

Size: The bag should be big enough to hold your essentials but not too big that it takes up too much space and you find yourself overpacking to get it full. A compact size means I can bring what I need and I won’t be tempted to pack superfluous items.



When we’re flying internationally I keep this bag in my backpack. I pack the liquids in a separate bag, but will often transfer them into my dopp kit after security. Or, if we are just going somewhere for a few days, I pack it in my weekender bag, made of the same material. In this case, I like to bring along sample toiletries to really minimize what I pack. I recently stocked up at Aesop when I was buying a Christmas present, but you can find these one-time-use samples at Sephora or other retailers in your favorite department store.

Here some other dopp kits that look like they fit the bill nicely:

Adam and I are going on an overnight trip this weekend so I’ll be able to put this bag to good use yet again. It’s super handy!

P.S. More travel wise tips.

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