An Early Valentine’s Day


What are you up to this weekend? We are celebrating Valentine’s Day a week early since we’ll be traveling with friends next weekend. We’re planning on making something delicious and little bit adventurous–probably a dish from our Battersby cookbook–and enjoying a special bottle of wine from the cellar.

I hope you have a great weekend, and until we meet again on Monday here are a few thoughts and things that kept me distracted this week:

A song for your weekend. So funky.

In an unbridled attempt to pretend spring is around the corner, I ordered this dress (psst, it’s on sale!)

I love this lip balm my sister gave me for Christmas. It’s really moisturizing and provides just the right amount of color.

14 tips for living in a tiny space. (I agree with #5 and #14)

This story about a couple choosing to die together broke my heart.

Though I’m certainly not dating anymore, I agree that we should all do our part to curb mindless, needless small talk.

Resting Bitch Face is a thing, people. A science thing.

How to care for a leather bag. Lately, I’ve been toting around this one –a Christmas present–in navy.

I wish we could watch the Super Bowl this weekend…mostly for the commercials.

Dream dresser. More mid-century eye candy.

I’m having burgers with my friend Paige today and this made me laugh. I’ll try not to overindulge.

3 thoughts on “An Early Valentine’s Day

  1. Kristina- Again thank you for your blog-I learn so much from them!Wishing you and Adam(my boy) a early Valentine Day!!! Love you

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