Hosting a Baby Shower



This past Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my friend who is due with her first child in just a few weeks. It was my first time hosting such an event so I felt a little nervous going into it, but it turned out to be a lovely, casual day with friends.

Baby showers are actually extremely rare here in Switzerland. People are quite superstitious about celebrating a birth, or even a birthday, before the actual event. So there really isn’t much to go on in terms of traditional decorations, but my friend Nicole and I managed to find a few pieces to help make the apartment look fun and festive. We dotted the buffet table and our sideboard with little wooden animals that we later gave to Julie as a gift; I split up a few bouquets to make several flower arrangements; and we hung bunting and twisted streamers from the tables and shelves.

We kept the menu very simple (and pregnancy friendly!): crostini with fig jam, pear, and camembert; a cheese log with Carr’s crackers (ahem); mixed berries; a veggie platter (with Ranch dip smuggled from the US); mushroom and zucchini quiches; cupcakes; juice; sparkling grape juice and Prosecco; and coffee.

The mama-to-be requested no games or activities (by the way, the games I did look up are mostly horrifying: guess the candy bar in the diaper?! Beyond disgusting) so we ate and socialized, and of course, opened gifts. It was a really sweet afternoon.

Otherwise it has been a busy couple of weeks here lately. I applied for a position in a freelance network and decided to completely redo my résumé, which consumed several days. Have you done this? It’s exhausting! Then, my brother Matt came in town for a few days after some business in London and I was busy catching up with him and showing him around Bern (in the snow, rain, sleet, and cold 🙂 Thanks for pardoning me during that long radio silence.

I hope you’ve had a lovely couple of weeks! I’ll be back to posting regularly now xo

One thought on “Hosting a Baby Shower

  1. Kristina- I missed you!!But I am glad you hosted a shower-those are such fun—The decorations were very clever! and the food was so colorful!!I have a very clever Grand Daughter!!! Love you Grandma

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