Tuesday Book Club: Born Standing Up

Born Standing Up

My friend Claire recently recommended Steve Martin’s memoir, Born Standing Up. She had listened to it as an audiobook and, in order to be just like her, I’ve been listening to it on my phone on my way to meetings, while doing my grocery shopping, or during an afternoon walk.

I have to admit I’m missing a little of that Steve Martin mania, à la Father of the Bride, but so far I’m really enjoying this lean, straight-talking memoir. Martin gives sparse details about his personal life, instead focusing on his slow rise to stand-up comedian fame. I’m a little less than halfway through the book and I’m looking forward to hopefully a few more salacious details about the comedy circuit in the 70s.

Mostly, however, I have to send Claire a big thank you for reminding me how great audiobooks are. I have several in my library that I listened to on road trips or while doing DIY projects shortly after moving into the apartment, but it’s been a while since I cued one up. My mother-in-law listens to them a lot as well, so I’m in good company.

What are you reading right now? I blazed through January with a load of books but hit a wall after A Little Life. The couple of books I’ve read since then haven’t kept my interest in the same way. Le sigh. I’d love your suggestions. Further, any great audiobooks that I should listen to? Nothing too plot-driven as I get easily distracted while listening to them…

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