Take Time for Friday


I’m sitting here looking at the cactus next to my desk, one that is sorely deprived of the real sunshine and warmth it needs, and wishing it would would hurry up and look like the ones in this picture already! Poor guy, I bought him in January and he hasn’t even had a chance to prove himself yet. Some things really do take time, especially in these chilly dormant months.

Why aren’t we born with endless patience? Why is it something we must cultivate with an open, selfless heart? And why does it seem in such short supply when we demand it most?

This past fall I was not using a very gentle, patient tone with myself and it was really starting to wear me down. I don’t have a lot of experience with overly negative brain chatter and it threw me a bit. Christmas was a good reset for me, and seeing my family and friends helped put me in a better state of mind. But I feel like I’m always trying to work on my patience, especially with myself lately. And I’m guessing the cactus next to my desk could stand a break, too.


This past week was lovely: Adam was home sick for three days (okay, this was not so lovely), and I decided to take a few mental health days with him and check out. Movies in bed in the midday; hearty potato soup for dinner that will do no favors for my waistline but will help soothe a nasty chest cold; nonstop pajamas. You know the sick-day drill. I felt like a kid again! Thankfully, Adam is feeling a bit better and I’m mostly happy to be back in a routine.

What are you up to this weekend? We are making homemade chicken fingers tonight, which I’m really looking forward to. Adam has been craving them lately and he’s taking the lead on this one. I’ll report back (apparently, one tip is to sprinkle a little buttermilk in the dredging flower to get those crispy bits). I’m going to book club tomorrow night to discuss this incredible book, and we are visiting friends in Geneva on Sunday. Fun weekend!

I hope you have a nice weekend, as well, and until we meet again on Monday, here are a few bits from the Internet that I’ve been thinking about the past couple weeks:

A chill song for your weekend

I bought some great produce while living in Charleston (sweet corn forever!), but fruits and vegetables are better in Europe.

Speaking of eating, here are 8 dining trends that will be sweeping the US this year. I wish I could benefit from all the pierogis!

Oprah cleaned out her famous walk-in closet (can we even call it that? it’s the size of my apartment) in Harpo Studios, and gave most of it away. Lots of eye candy in there.

Will you watch the new season of Girls? It sounds as if we may be nearing the end of the series, but according to some the show is still as flawless as it was in its first season.

More scientific proof that meditation changes the brain and body.

As someone who received silver status on United toward the end of last year, and will promptly lose it at the end of this year, I laughed out loud at this article about the madness of trying to earn airline status. The lengths some people will go : )

These everyday meatballs look so right.

I finally found some new slippers after looking for months (I had previously been using hotel slippers…) Fyi Bern locals, I found these at Kitchener.

I’m assuming many of you saw John Oliver skewer Donald Trump (née Drumpf) on Last Week Tonight, but here it is in case you didn’t. It’s very important viewing. Tell everyone you know.

(top image via decorista daydreams)


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