A Long Weekend Near Lugano


Last weekend Adam and I went to Cademario, a little village outside of Lugano in southern Switzerland, for a long weekend of reading, relaxing, and terry time (how I like to refer to hanging out in terry cloth robes). We stayed at Kurhaus Cademario and took advantage of their beautiful spa, treating ourselves to hours in the loungers and massages in the wellness center. We hung out on our balcony (the views above were from our room) with room service and books. We watched the Olympics and a movie in bed. It was blissful.

We also took the bus down to Lugano for lunch and an afternoon stroll but the heat and a migraine (probably one of my biggest pregnancy woes) sent us back to the hotel early. Secretly, I don’t think either of us minded more spa and napping time. I know once the babies arrive we’ll daydream about this ultra-luxe, ultra-chill weekend.


4 thoughts on “A Long Weekend Near Lugano

  1. Stop it with the bathing beauty pic!! Way to rock motherhood my gorgeous friend. This trip looks unreal, so happy you guys got to enjoy the time together (minus the migraine. Boo.)

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