About the Broad



Exploring the world is one of our greatest indulgences.

Natives to Kansas, my husband and I live in Bern, Switzerland, a perfect central location that satisfies our European wanderlust. A Broad at Home is where I document our travels, inspiration, and daily life musings.

During the entirety of 2010 I lived in a small village just outside of Zurich, Switzerland. After numerous trips abroad, both in high school and college, it was this extended stay that solidified my love for international travel and living. In between taking care of three children and living the extravagant life of an au pair I met my husband. It was a simple blind date and he was meant to show me around Zurich–having lived there for well over a year by the time I arrived–but he couldn’t deny my charm.

After three years of dating (and a 46-day engagement!) Adam and I decided to get married and move back to Switzerland, this time to Bern. It is here that we will make our first home together and use as a landing pad between fast and furious traveling. Taking risks and challenging myself do not necessarily come naturally to me but certainly do make me feel my best. Our time abroad will no doubt come with a healthy share of struggles, but I know it will be full ofΒ adventures and exploring. My truest home may be in Kansas, but I look forward becoming a broad at home all around the globe.

Please feel free to email me with any comments or questions, or just to say hi! heldkristina {at} gmail {dot} com

11 thoughts on “About the Broad

  1. I lived abroad twice. Such a pain to come back. I don’t know if I’ll recover from my last stay! I like your blog title too, and like the concept. But it makes me feel sad at the same time 😦

  2. Hi!I just discovered your blog via Hither & Thither ( LOVED your insights on pride & accomplishments) and now I’m pouring through all of your archives. I have major travel envy over here! Looking forward to reading along on your adventures!

    • You’re so kind! Thank you so much : ) I just love Hither & Thither–Ashely inspires such great conversations. Looking forward to having you follow along, and share some of your own travel insights!

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