Getting Emotional

Elizabeth Olsen



How well can you read emotions? I think I am pretty good at reading people and am intuitive to others’ moods and needs. For the most part. This quiz, however, made me reevaluate my empathetic powers, proving more a charlatan than a clairvoyant.

This New York Times blog suggests that reading literary fiction can help you become more attuned to people’s emotions and feelings. As a regular bookworm, I thought I would ace the quiz but instead walked away with a 25/36. I’m blaming the fuzziness of the photos ; )

How well did you score? Do you think you can read emotions well?

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10 thoughts on “Getting Emotional

  1. Touche! I was similarly humbled with a 23/36 score and I realized that despite my confidence in reading people’s expression and through this – “Oh! So great!” talent getting to read people themselves, I am far from achieving perfection…nevertheless the pursuit will be on!!

  2. 31/36. Who’s your empathetic daddy? Might be why the evaluation I took in college said I should have been a funeral director.

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