Skiing This Weekend?


Remember this:

“I’m more scared than anything. I can’t un-know what can happen to you on a mountain and I think this is only going to become more debilitating as I get older and acquire more people who are precious to me. There is a part of me that is jealous of those who love skiing, mostly because I’m envious of their endorphin rush and the general badassery of skiing, but I’ve made peace with the fact that skiing is not for me. No more pretending that I’m going to get on a pair of skis this year: I’m not doing it!”

I wrote this less than a month ago! And I still agree with most of it, especially the part about being scared. But, this weekend we are going to ski with our friends in Innsbruck, Austria, and despite being nervous I’m also excited. Looking at that ridiculously goofy picture above, I’m reminded that I can have some fun on skis. So let’s do it!

It’s been five years since I’ve been on skis (over 6 for Adam) so we’ll be taking it super easy. We’re staying in a nice hotel with a spa and pool and I already have plans to take advantage of a post-ski massage. Here is a map of the slopes we’re planning on skiing—run #1 looks like my jam!

We’re taking off later today so I’m signing off early this week. What are you up to this weekend? If you have time, please consider sending some positive vibes our way : )

Until we meet again, here are a few excerpts from the internet:

Speaking of intentionally making ourselves sad, this song will bring you to your knees.

In preparation for this weekend, I’ve been doing these 4 moves to get in shape before hitting the slopes.

7 moving podcast episodes.

A few ideas for Valentine’s Day if you’re still looking.

I’m hosting a baby shower in a couple of weeks and this recipe looks like a good main dish to serve alongside fruit salad, finger sandwiches, and cupcakes.

The woman who created Netflix’s enviable company culture. And how she was ultimately fired because of it. This was fascinating to me.

Currently reading.

11 airlines with the best amenities.

I tried Snapchat for a couple of weeks, but just couldn’t get into it. Maybe I should have tried to Snapchat like the teens?

For the record: this video of the history of Japan was my favorite discovery this week.

We are planning a trip to Copenhagen with friends next month and this guide has been a great resource for places to visit. I’d love to hear your suggestions, as well!

3 thoughts on “Skiing This Weekend?

  1. I ski every year and I’m scared out of my wits half the time! I find that taking a fall early in the day/season/trip helps me remember “oh, that wasn’t too bad” and then I can relax and enjoy skiing. Seems counterintuitive but I spent half of the last ski season so tensed and primed for a fall, I wasn’t having fun. Also, keep those skis in the “pizza wedge” position! You got this!

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